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The artist

Hi, my name is Aneta, nice to meet you!


I am a portrait photographer based in Haarlem, Amsterdam. I stop time for people.


Since childhood I was surrounded by art. My paternal grandfather was a professional bass baritone, my maternal grandfather designed a world-famous logo and my sister is an art teacher. I myself followed painting courses whilst practicing photography on the side.


I create elegant, yet simple portraits incorporating the principles we have seen in art throughout modern history, portraits which have a timeless and delicate appeal to them. My clients are everyday. women and men (just like me or you). 

With my camera, I am trying to erase the myth that one needs to be photogenic to look good. In fact, nine of ten people (including me) are not photogenic.


It my job to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera lens, pose you gently and guide you throughout the photoshoot.


I invite you to a session with me, it will change the way you see yourself. 

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