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#existinphotographs is a hashtag used on social media to encourage us to share images of themselves taken to celebrate our bodies, regardless of size and shape. The idea behind the hashtag is that although we all exist, our physical body can often be overlooked or under-appreciated – so it's important to take the time to appreciate ourselves and celebrate the people we have become.

Being photographed is a great way to celebrate our individual beauty and appreciate our physical bodies, no matter our size or shape. It gives us an opportunity to document ourselves in a positive light, and can be an empowering experience. Taking photographs of yourself can also help you practice self-love, by capturing moments that affirm your body and remind you that it is worthy of appreciation.

In addition to providing a boost of self-confidence, being photographed can also be a form of self-reflection. Looking at pictures of ourselves from different angles and perspectives allows us to take stock of who we are and where we are on our journey. We can learn more about our own features as well as areas where we have grown or changed. Having these photos allows us to trace back to the past and keep track of the changes we have gone through, both physically and emotionally.

At its core, taking photographs encourages body positivity by showing us the beauty within ourselves—and sometimes the most powerful thing we can do is remind ourselves how wonderful we truly are!



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