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Preparing for your photoshoot

Here are some useful tips on how to best prepare:

Nails: For a polished and perfect look, it's recommended to get your nails done professionally by a manicurist or pedicurist. If time or budget is limited, consider painting your nails with colors that match your wardrobe or keep it neutral.. Additionally, getting a clear coat of gel over any existing nail polish can help prevent chips and cracks which can affect the overall appearance of your hands in photos.

Moisturize: Even if you don't wear makeup regularly, moisturizing your skin is essential for looking great in photographs. Make sure to apply moisturizer all over your body at least an hour before shooting starts so that it has enough time to absorb into the skin and prevent shine from appearing in photographs. Similarly, applying lip balm (especially tinted varieties) will help keep lips hydrated which makes them appear even more voluptuous in photographs. Don't forget to hydrate your body as well. Hydrate: Drink a lot of water a day before the photoshoot. Hair and outgrowths: A few days before the photo shoot, make sure to go for hair outgrowth removal treatments such as trimming split ends or waxing eyebrows so that they look neat and well groomed on camera. Pedicure: Don’t forget about pampering those toes! If possible, book a professional pedicure session prior to the photoshoot so you feel confident showing off your feet in pictures. Having them freshly painted with colors that compliment both your wardrobe and mood boards would be ideal! Shop & Rent Fabulous Outfits: The most exciting aspect of preparing for a photoshoot is finding amazing outfits! Whether you beg friends and family for items they no longer wear, rent pieces from local boutiques or shop online for unique looks - mastering an incredible wardrobe puts the final touches on any photoshoot experience. Consider creating mood boards with inspirational outfits and color palettes ahead of time (or even days before) so you know exactly what looks will work best on camera when shoot day arrives! We work with a well known dressmaker, so let her help you! Overall, taking the necessary steps when prepping for a photoshoot (such as getting nails done professionally, moisturizing often & sourcing amazing outfits) will help ensure stellar results! Not only will this give you greater confidence but also ensure each photograph turns out flawless every single time—and who wouldn’t want that?

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