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"Every portrait is a love letter to yourself."

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Our Service, Our Passion

Aneta Jeremiasova is a multi award-winning portrait photographer based in Haarlem, the Netherlands. She focuses on capturing portraits that empower women to rediscover their authentic selves. Join us on a visual journey that celebrates individuality and showcases the beauty inherent in every woman's (or man's!) narrative framed through Aneta's lens.

The Unforgettable Experience

See what steps we take to create your dream portraits. 

Initial Consultation

Getting to know each other & planning your photoshoot. 

Styling & makeover

Ultimate pampering session with our dream wardrobe. 

Viewing & ordering

Same day viewing & ordering your images in the studio. 

Ready to fall in love with yourself?


“I fell in love with myself again. I wish I had done this earlier. Years earlier. ”
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