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About Aneta

As a portrait photographer, it is my duty to show you the best version of yourself. Weither you are in search of a classic, timeless or a creative picture of yourself, I can help create something special and unique for you.

Since childhood I have been surrounded by art. As the grandchild of a National Opera singer, as the grandchild of a well-known logo designer and as the sister of an art teacher. You could say that creativity is in our blood. That's why I chose to educate myself in painting and photography. 


I soon became known for making simple portraits, incorporating elements of modern history. Portraits that were timeless, stylish and full of emotion. 

Since most people (like me) don't consider themselves photogenic, I'm trying to dispel the myth that you have to be photogenic to get great shots with my camera. 


Let me photograph you. That will be a really unique experience that will make you look at yourself differently. 





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