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Headshots & personal branding

It is more than just a headshot.

"My role is to guide you through the process of Headshots and Personal Branding, ensuring you extract the maximum value from every step. I cannot wait to craft images that will drive your success in marketing throughout 2024, establishing stronger connections with your target audience. 

It all starts with cultivating a profound sense of self-awareness. I'd like to know your brand message,  uncovering the distinctive qualities that set you apart from your colleague next door. Your online personal brand serves as an extension of your identity, encapsulating your looks, personal style, and personality. 

The more information we have on you the day of your photoshoot, the better the images you will see at your reveal. And that’s why we start with a consultation which can be done as a video call or in person. The consultation is about creating the most powerful elements in your 2024 marketing campaign. Let’s get it right!” Aneta Jere. 

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